PERSONAL: AT grew up in the midwest and loved it. He stayed in the midwest for college earning his mechanical engineering degree(plus a CS minor) before heading down south to Texas. There he worked for a handful of years in various Petrochem industries before quitting and moving somewhere a little bit more comfortable, temperature wise. AT likes to sail, hike, brew, smoke(meat), and well pretty much anything else that takes him outside.

WRITING: AT wrote this first books in grade school, they were very short and about as exciting and original as you'd imagine... but it got me started! I've always enjoyed telling and writing stories and while in middle/highschool I had a million ideas for stories and like many students, I didn't actually write any of them. That was all to change in college, sort of. While procrastinating doing my engineering and computer science homework I finally wrote a full length fantasy novel, The Grim Awakens. With the valuable insight of both hindsight and multiple readers, this novel was terrible... (Feel free to read the pdf in the "Free" section, but you've been warned!)

After a handful of years doing something called "real work" he finally got around to writing a second fantasy novel, The Lost Empire. This was much less bad but has never had a full lenght rewrite or edit. TBD if this will be revisited. Then after poking and proding from his family, and a lot of Louis L'Amour books, he wrote a western novel. This novel, John Gravel versus the Rocky Mountain Gang, has been editted a few times and can be reasonably viewed as an actual book worthy of being read. Further edits may occur though...

What's next? Probably another western but who knows!