John Gravel Versus the Rocky Mountain Gang
Currently AT's only acceptable production but hopefully just the first of many to come.
John Gravel, a former cop from the east coast, is headed West. He meant to leave his old life behind but once again he's forced to put some bad guys behind bars, or in the ground.

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The Grim Awakens
Warning: This is the book I wrote in college; it is not good!
The Grim Awakens alternates between two groups on either side of an ongoing war. The first is led by Lox, a protege assassin that can move through walls, who acts as the deadly scalpel of the Alaren king. The other is led by Cole, a hard headed prince and heir to the Drotian throne. Cole bonded with a rare diamond life-stone as a child which now allows him to transform into a powerful stone goliath. While the two groups have separate goals, it steadily becomes apparent the stone and the scalpel can’t both be successful.

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